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We’re passionate about merging technology and art. Our blog serves as a guiding light for artists, providing top-notch gear recommendations and insightful guides that empower you to unlock your true artistic potential. Join us on this creative expedition and discover the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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Hey there! I’m Jean, the big cheese @ InkWavez! It’s a pleasure to meet you! As a passionate lover of all things art and digital expression, I lead a team that writes about the very things we hold dear.

My journey began in the professional music industry, but destiny led me to become a shareholder in a prominent tech group based in the UK. My primary focus revolves around UI/UX and web design for our diverse portfolio of clients, and I must admit, I absolutely adore what I do! Join us at InkWavez as we embark on an exciting exploration of creativity and innovation in the digital realm. Let’s unleash our artistic potential together!

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There has never been a better time to be a creator

In this fast-paced digital era, the rise of AI might seem overwhelming, but it’s also an incredibly exciting time for artists and designers alike. As someone deeply entrenched in the UI design world, I’ve come to realize that AI is not our adversary but rather a powerful ally in sparking creative inspiration. At InkWavez, we wholeheartedly believe in the boundless potential of human creativity, and we are here to inspire and support aspiring artists and designers on their creative journey.

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